About Us

Simplifying the Global Commodities Supply Chain.

For too long, the world of global commodities has suffered from poor execution. Gateway Global was created to fix that problem. Gateway Global brings over 100 years of combined management experience in international trade, logistics and finance. As global commodity traders, there are few transaction complexities or complications that we have not seen and mastered.

We bring a comprehensive knowledge of business to commodities reselling. Our supplier relationships and distribution networks perform in the real world, where you need real products, in real ships at real docks. Everyone in the supply chain — suppliers, brokers, Strategic Partners, Commodity Partners and buyers — all benefit by working with us.

Moreover, Gateway Global always protects everyone in the supply chain. We simply do not overstate our ability to perform, so customers worldwide know they can trust us to deliver every time.

Purchasing commodities should be as simple and predictable as possible. With Gateway Global, it is.

Our Job Is To Make Your Job Easier