Building Materials

Providing Housing and Construction Materials

As economic prosperity continues to expand in the developing world, so too does the demand for new construction and therefore building materials. Gateway has sourced the best solutions around the globe that meet this demand, simply and affordably.
Gateway can be your leading supplier of all building and construction materials:
Durable, innovative, home building (pre-fabricated) kits that feature:
• Quick rise interlocking panels for interior and exterior walls and roofs
• Steel rebar and poured concrete cell construction, for superior strength
• Erection in as little as 2 days, without cranes or heavy machinery
• Engineered to resisted earthquakes and hurricane-force winds

A variety of floor plans and configuration options are available.

Portland cement is offered in gray and white, and is available bagged or bulk, in a variety of grades.
12,500 mt (minimum monthly order)
Shipments in quantities of 12,500 mt, 25,000 mt, and 50,000mt.
32.5 N/R
42.5 N/R
52.5 N/R
US Standard ASTM-C-150
British Standard 12/1997
Euro Standard EN 197/2000
Customer Specified Standard
Packaging and shipping:
Customers may elect bulk delivery of either cement or clinker in sealed compartments of the vessel’s hull or in jumbo bags. Cement is also available in various size bags that can be stacked on a wood pallet and wrapped in plastic shrink film or loaded into jumbo bags.
Every shipment is insured against damage and loss.
3-ply kraft or polypropylene bags:
50.0 KG
42.5 KG
25.0 KG
Jumbo bags:
1.0 mt
1.5 mt
2.0 mt

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Drywall (also known as wallboard and gypsum board)
A common interior building material, drywall is easy to install and less expensive that plaster and lath for a smooth texture on interior wall. Composed of pressed gypsum plaster wrapped in construction grade paper, drywall is available in a variety of lengths, from 1/4″ to 3/4″ thickness.
Asphalt, a component of crude oil, has been used since ancient times as a building material for both homes and ships. Today it is more commonly used in the watertight sealing of roofs and in rolled asphalt concrete for the quick creation of fast, durable road surfaces.
Growing with the World
Gateway is a strong, reliable partner in the growth of nations.
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