Gateway Global’s Fertilizer Group on the Global Urea Market

Urea is the most widely traded nitrogen fertilizer on the global market. Because it is a stable, non-explosive product that is easy to ship and apply, urea accounts for an increasingly significant percentage of the world’s commercially shipped fertilizers.
Urea, also known as carbamide, is a water-soluble fertilizer high in nitrogen. Urea 46 refers to the percentage of nitrogen (46%) available in the fertilizer. Used on a wide variety of crops, all over the world, this low-cost, nitrogen-rich fertilizer increases yield of food per acre and other agriculture production.
Produced in free-flowing prills or granules that resist crushing, urea can be easily transported by ship and other means. Prills are smaller than urea granules and are typically used when blending urea with other fertilizing agents. Granular urea is harder and more crush resistant, intended for use directly onto crops.

12,500 mt (minimum monthly order)
Shipments in monthly quantities of 12,500 mt, 25,000 mt and 50,000mt.


46% nitrogen content

Packaging and shipping:
50.0 kg bags

Historically, urea demand continues to exceed supply. With tight supply, you need a trading partner that can stay ahead of market trends, and make the deals that can give you a competitive advantage.
At Gateway Global’s Fertilizer Group, we are ensured a supply, regardless of market conditions. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that a reliable supply brings.

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Today and Tomorrow: Reliable Quantities of Urea